TRUTH: Fashion is the most important thing in the world.
MOTTO: Look good, talk less.
LEGEND: Silk-screened, distressed, mistreated, thin and tight. Best proudly worn when misbehaving with friends and photographed by professionals, our garments are perfect to wear when you stay out all night.
FAME: We’re famous.
ACTION: Visit our store, buy all you want, and become a CSC member. Join us on the site, at our events, and in the pursuit of the best fun there is.

TRUTH: There’s no such thing as “too much.”

MOTTO: Wake up, pass out.

LEGEND: Have more fun than you thought possible. See amazing things. At our events, the coolest people and the greatest djs provide the maximum fun. CSC nights are consistently some of the best around thanks to our members.

FAME: CSC events are fun. It’s just that simple.
Here’s just a few of the people we’ve been fortunate enough to work with: Paul Barker (U.S.S.A., formerly of Ministry, Revolting Cocks), Peaches, Daniel Ash (Love & Rockets and Bauhaus), Jared Leto (30 Seconds to Mars), VNV Nation, The Sounds, Chris Vrenna (Marilyn Manson, Gnarls Barkley, formerly Nine Inch Nails, Andy LePlegua (Combichrist), Assassins, Buzz McCoy (My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult), Electric Six, Marky Ramone (The Ramones), Mira Aroyo and Ruben Wu (Ladytron), Jeremy Dawson (Shiny Toy Guns), Mat Devine (Kill Hannah), Jonny Radtke (Kill Hannah), Greg Corner (Kill Hannah), Mr. Pharmacist (Cat Power), Sid Maudlin, Superstars of Love, Trancid, Jordan Z., Derek Berry, Johnny Love, Hollywood Holt, Greg Haus, Kamar, Qbot, Joe Vor-Tech.

ACTION: Take a look at our upcoming events and go to them. You will have a great time and meet great people and you’ll never be the same again. Start with one of our famous CSC Champagne Parties.

TRUTH: You have friends here.

MOTTO: Make out, break down.

LEGEND: Speak freely, find new people to love, get invited to amazing places and events, meet bands you adore, participate in new clothing designs, win contests, post and view photos, email privately, blog, comment, comment, comment.

TEXTURE: The CSC community is one of a kind. It is a sanctuary for those artistic leaning individuals who choose to pursue and enjoy the most interesting parts of life without regard for the norms and “supposed to” attitudes of the establishment. Our community celebrates the virtues of independence, art, ambition, courage and integrity. Meet some of our CSC Members such as Clash, Chrissy, Sarah, ladyd, Fucking Scottie, Jason Ash, Sparxxx, Leyla, RobbiStyle, Matt Reeves, PaulinChicago, Princess Caroline, wrylab, Harbinger Crow, jet set, Le Sprite, echonine, Georgia Voulgaris, TyLiner, Hilary Rawk, lips r witnesses, Paigeamazing, NealTse, Blake, Bennis, Lewis, Jet, Saranella, Amy, Robinrld, Jimmy-O, Jay from Comasoft, xmacabremonsterx, casey.rae, Retro Rose, BlackandBlueEyes, Nina Savvy, Richard Carrico, mmmm, advil, Adam, La Dolce Vita, L Von Vix, Oliver Thomas, Kelly, Westin, caiti fabulous.

ACTION: Join the CSC community with any purchase or get invited by a existing CSC member. For maximum enjoyment, we suggest you buy everything in the store and attend every event.

TRUTH: Suicide: Don’t Do it.

MOTTO: Misery Loves Company

HISTORY: Established in 2006 by graduates of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, CSC began as a high-end clothier for the ‘edgy’ ‘hip’ ‘dark’ scenesters but soon developed into an underground community. It takes strength to be gentle and kind.

PHILOSOPHY: At CSC we indulge our dreams and search for new, provocative involvements of all kinds while nurturing a positive atmosphere for the growth of individuality and the love of life.