Barbarella Orlando

Barbarella Nightclub in Orlando Florida

Barbarella is a storied nightclub in Orlando, Florida, with a history steeped in the alternative and gothic music scene. Originally opened in the mid-1980s under the name “Faith in Physics,” the club quickly became a haven for those seeking refuge in the darker corners of New Wave and alternative music. This near-legendary venue, which later became known as “Barbarella,” and then “Independent Bar” (or “I-Bar”), has recently reverted back to its original gothic moniker.

In January 2024, the club announced a significant change: Barbarella would be relocating from its long-time downtown Orlando location on Orange Avenue to a new venue nearby. This move, while marking the end of an era for the familiar downtown space, is part of a larger plan to breathe new life into the local goth and alternative scene. The new location promises ample parking and a continuation of the dark, vibrant atmosphere that has always defined Barbarella.

For decades, Barbarella has been a cornerstone of Orlando’s goth nightlife, known for its evocative 80s and 90s music nights. This gothic sanctuary, shrouded in an air of mystery and nostalgia, has hosted countless live performances that resonate with the shadows and whispers of Florida’s underground music history. The new venue is expected to open soon, maintaining the club’s legacy of providing a near-mythical experience for those drawn to the darker side of the night.