Berlin is a late-night music and art club in Chicago that has garnered widespread critical praise and is known for its pan-cultural atmosphere and varied mix of alternative electronic music, live performances, and themed events.

This gay and lesbian pub in Chicago is known as Berlin nightclub for its dancing, live acts, and theme evenings, all of which are backed by music from some of the most talented DJs in Chicago. In point of fact, the music scene in Berlin is so well known that numerous DJs utilize it as their starting pad to build a name for themselves in the field of house music. Two of the many accolades that have been bestowed upon Berlin are its selection as one of the “7 Best Nightclubs That Don’t Suck” by Chicagoist and its election as Chicago’s Best Gay Bar of 2013 by Chicago Reader. These are just two of the more than a dozen awards that have been bestowed upon the club.


In 1983, it first opened its doors as a video bar, which was about half the size it is now. Because of the club’s warm and friendly atmosphere, its acceptance of diversity, and the vast range of attractions it offered, it gained a following in Chicago almost immediately. For instance, Berlin used to have a petting zoo at one point.

Berlin eventually grew and transformed into a dance club; yet, it has not lost any of its unique characteristics since then. Some guests come to the celebration solely to observe the new decorations that have been set up. If you find yourself in Chicago, don’t miss the opportunity to experience the splendor that is Berlin!

Since 1983, Berlin has been cultivating communal experiences through the mediums of music, laughter, dancing, and the arts. We are honored to have been a part of Chicago’s vibrant cultural history for over three decades, during which time we have served the LGBTQ community as well as our allies. IF YOU WANT TO VISIT FLASH CLUB THEN READ MORE ABOUT IT BEFORE VISITING. If you’re thinking to enjoy weekends and living in Chicago then must visit Chicago Suicide Club.

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