Xavier’s Club

As seen through the eyes of Xavier Club, a Chicago native of the first generation who is also of Puerto Rican descent, Xavier’s Club is an eclectic mixture of Puerto Rican hospitality combined with Chicago’s vibrant culture. It’s a philosophy of hard work and effort that results in a taste of adventure and daring. Since […]

The Signature Lounge at the 96th

Rick Roman, Nick Pyknic, and other committed members of the team established a new hospitality management firm in July of 1993 and named it Infusion Management Group. Their mission was to oversee the day-to-day operations of The Signature Lounge at the 96th®. Infusion Management Group devised a market-driven strategy to announce and establish The Signature […]

The Original Mother’s

The only logical conclusion to be drawn is that the name of this iconic singles joint is intended to be ironic… If your mother knew what you did here, she wouldn’t be able to get a good night’s rest for a very long time. Most people who go to Mother’s are looking for love—at least […]

The Bassment

Get a seat in the front row for the live music, or hang around in the back where the drinks are constantly being refilled. In either case, you won’t find a better place to be than in the Windy City of Chicago. Below The Hampton Social in the River North area of Chicago is where […]

Primary Night Club

Primary Night Club opened its doors in June of 2012 to provide patrons with a place to dance with a sound that was on par with the most recent technological advancements while maintaining a sociable and risk-free atmosphere. Primary and its partners will present artists from various musical genres, including Classic Chicago House, 90’s House, […]

President’s Lounge

The President’s Lounge (abbreviated as “PL”) has served customers on the south side of Chicago for over three decades. The PL underwent extensive renovations in 2006, which have garnered many compliments for its newly upgraded furnishings and atmosphere. The President’s Lounge reopened its doors in September 2006, which marked the beginning of an environment that […]


Tunnel, located above Tree House in River North, offers patrons an unrivaled nightlife experience. Whether they want to enjoy top table service or dance the night away to their favorite guest and celebrity DJs, Tunnel caters to all of their needs. The unremarkable entrance on Kinzie Street is tucked between two neighboring buildings and leads […]

Le Nocturne Chicago

For a few moments, set aside everything you’ve learned about speaker system design and consider what constitutes clear, high-quality sound. We now live in a world where audio quality has suffered. To save space and money, technological innovations now attempt to bend the constraints of physics, focus on attractive user interfaces, and build virtual equipment. […]

Kingston Mines

The Kingston Mines is the largest and oldest blues club in Chicago that is still continually running. It was established in 1968. Magic Slim, Koko Taylor, Sugar Blue, Billy Branch, Junior Wells, Mike Wheeler, Joanna Connor, and dozens upon dozens of more musical greats have performed on both of the venue’s stages in the past. […]

Jazz Showcase

The Jazz Showcase is the oldest and most historic jazz club in Chicago. It was established in 1947 by Joe Segal and is currently owned and maintained by Joe Segal’s son, Wayne Segal. There have been performances here by some of jazz’s most legendary artists, including but not limited to: The following musicians have performed […]