We are pleased to welcome you to the most welcoming LGBT bar Club Escape found on this side of the Chicago River Southern Holland! We are both a dance club and a show lounge, with weekly drag shows taking place in the former, and house music and hip-hop in the latter.

There is an even distribution of people across all age levels and genders. There is no mandatory uniform, nor are immunization cards necessary. Must have a valid ID. 21+ y/o.

Club Escape is a nightclub that hosts a variety of dance events and is located close to the intersection of 75th Street and Stony Island Avenue. On the South Side, many people who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community believe this location to be among the most popular of its kind. It is the site of drag shows several times a week, and the general atmosphere is one of tolerance and diversity.

Club Escape

Club Escape offers rotating drink specials and stays open until at least two in the morning, making it one of the few nightlife destinations that does. The venue features a dance floor, and local DJs will be spinning hip-hop, R&B, and house music throughout the night. The level of live entertainment at Club Escape is consistently good, as is the general level of excitement at this bustling nightclub, which has earned it a high reputation. If you are seeking for the setting in South Shore that is the most accommodating to LGBTQ+ individuals, Club Escape is the place to go.

You may find flyers for our regular and special events all across the website by scrolling through it. Jeffery Pub is another LGBT Club and people love to visit there. You can also visit Chicago Suicide Club situated in South Holland.

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