Craft cocktail bar in a funky-chic setting, featuring live music and DJ sets, as well as a select menu of savory bar snacks.

There is little room for debate over the fact that Deadbolt, which can be found in the Logan Square district of Chicago at 2412 North Milwaukee Avenue, is the drinking destination of choice for hipsters right now. A door with what appears to be a frightening entrance that leads to a drinking area that has been aesthetically distressed? Yep. libations concocted by a bartender who boasts an impressive lineage and bears names that make a cheeky reference to the wit and wisdom of the audience? Both of these responses are correct: yes (Dustin Drankiewicz, formerly of Moneygun), and yes (because you most certainly have a yearning for a Brojito). DJs who are able to get people out onto the smaller dance floor without making it too crowded are a must. Oh yes.

deadbolt club chicago

During its first weekend in business, this hip cocktail bar, which was formerly known as the charmingly seedy Two-Way Lounge, drew a large number of patrons who were dressed in flannel. While they were there, they had a pleasant evening sipping cocktails and snacking on bar bites. You should prepare yourself for the fact that it will be hectic for the foreseeable future.

There is still the option of getting an Old Style, but in addition to that, there are 12 more house cocktails to pick from. There is a vast selection of alcoholic beverages available at Deadbolt, ranging from mezcal to Mount Gay Black Barrel Rum, which is sometimes referred to as “hillbilly Campari.” In addition, much to our ecstatic delight, there is food. On the menu, you’ll discover omelets, butter burgers, Chicago-style hot dogs, and hand-breaded chicken nuggets, among other items. Holiday Club is another place to visit. You can also visit Chicago Suicide Club if you situated in Oak Park.

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