The Debonair Social Club in Chicago is a nightclub that sets the pace for the city’s nightlife scene by hosting some of the most prominent music, art, and tastemaker events. Debonair is in the vanguard of the culture of the nightlife industry.

Debonair Social Club

The multi-media club is located on two levels of the historic Flat Iron Building in the district of Wicker Park, known for its artistic community. In addition to a performance stage and dance floor on the upper level, both levels feature a big bar, food service, seating lounge, and DJ booth on each level. The lower level also features a second sound system and a dancing area.

The concept of a social club’ from yesteryear provided the impetus for the creation of Debonair. The ‘Social Club’ in the area served as a gathering spot and a venue for events and was flexible, easily accessible, and reasonably priced for the community.

Debonair Social Club

Even though it is popular among the hipster crowd, anyone who wants to come to celebrate life, love, and the cultural obsessions of our times is welcome to attend. The Debonair Social Club accepts all kinds of subcultures and subgenres, whether punk rock, dance, burlesque, or limited-edition footwear. You should also visit Disco in Chicago, IL, if you’re a social butterfly.

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