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Elysium Nightclub has been hosting Austin’s alternative night-life since 2001. The warehouse that Elysium resides in dates back centuries, but since the late 70’s it has been home to a variety of entertainment venues. Elysium is one the longest standing residents to date and preeminent gothic nightclub in the area.

Austin Suicide Club

Outer Heaven Disco Club

If you’ve lived in Austin Texas for a while, then you probably already realize our city has been overrun by rich, NIMBY pieces of shit, who could care less about the culture that made them move here in the first place. Our bar is pirate ship in a sea of capitalist scumbags and we aim to battle the rich vultures, rather than be another nail in Austin’s coffin. All we ask that you join our crew of misfits, desperately trying to keep the real Austin alive as it gets hacked away by the fake  that think money can buy a soul. We don’t give a care about making the most money, we care about making the most fun. Come join our cult. And to hell with everyone else.

Palazio Gentlemen's Club

Palazio Austin continues to elevate your club experience with constant improvements including a state of the art light show and superlative sound system.  Palazio features the Palazitron, one of the largest indoor HD screens, located on the main stage.  Come enjoy a UFC event, goth night, boxing pay-per-view, or just watch the big game.  Every seat in the club offers an incredible view of stages and screens.

Palazio Austin provides specific accommodations for your bachelor/bachelorette party.  Reserve one of our exclusive VIP areas and enjoy preferred seating and bottle service.  Palazio can even provide complimentary shuttle service to and from the club.

Palazio Gentlemen's Club
ClearPort ATX

ClearPort ATX | Austin Night Club

Clearport, located in downtown Austin’s, on the historic 6th street, has elevated the Austin nightlife to unprecedented heights and is Austin’s premiere, upscale, cutting-edge nightclub and live music venue. Drawing a dynamic and diverse crowd, where every guest receives a first-class experience, you will always find a rotation of celebrities, international music artists & DJ’s along with other bold-faced names. Known for its superior audio and sound system, luxurious multi-level booths, and sophisticated hospitality, Clearport is the venue for nightlife, live music and private events!

colette Austin

Austin’s Colette is a private on-premise social club for single men, women and couples who are active in or curious about the lifestyle. Our club is a great place for people of like-mind to meet in a safe, friendly and upscale atmosphere. 

colette Austin

Looking for Goth clubs in Austin Texas? How about Vampire Nightlife?

TRUTH: Fashion is the most important thing in the world.

MOTTO: Look good, talk less.

LEGEND: Silk-screened, distressed, mistreated, thin and tight. Best proudly worn when misbehaving with friends and photographed by professionals, our goth garments are perfect to wear when you stay out all night.

FAME: We’re famous.

ACTION: Visit our store, buy all you want, and become a CSC Austin member. Join us on the site, at our events, and in the pursuit of the best fun there is.

TRUTH: You have friends here.

MOTTO: Make out, break down.

LEGEND: Speak freely, find new people to love, get invited to amazing places and events, meet bands you adore, participate in new clothing designs, win contests, post and view photos, email privately, blog, comment, comment, comment.

TEXTURE: The CSC goth punk community is one of a kind. It is a sanctuary for those artistic leaning individuals who choose to pursue and enjoy the most interesting parts of life without regard for the norms and “supposed to” attitudes of the establishment. Our community celebrates the virtues of independence, art, ambition, courage and integrity. Meet some of our CSC Members such as Clash, Chrissy, Sarah, ladyd,  Scottie, Jason Ash, Sparxxx, Leyla, RobbiStyle, Matt Reeves, Paulin, Princess Caroline, wrylab, Harbinger Crow, jet set, Le Sprite, echonine, Georgia Voulgaris, TyLiner, Hilary Rawk,  lips r witnesses, Paigeamazing, NealTse, Blake, Bennis, Lewis, Autin goths, Jet, Saranella, Amy, Robinrld, Jimmy-O, Jay from Comasoft, xmacabremonsterx, casey.rae, Retro Rose, BlackandBlueEyes, Nina Savvy , ticktok, Richard Carrico, mmmm, advil, Adam, La Dolce Vita, L Von Vix, Oliver Thomas, Kelly, Westin, caiti fabulous.

ACTION: Join the CSC gothclub community with any purchase or get invited by a existing CSC  member. For maximum enjoyment, we suggest you buy everything in the store and attend every event.

TRUTH: Suicide: Don’t Do it.

MOTTO: Misery Loves Company

HISTORY: Established in 2006 (we are in 2022, we are old…) by graduates of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago il, CSC began as a high-end clothier for the ‘edgy’ ‘hip’ ‘dark’ scenesters but soon developed into an underground community. It takes strength to be gentle and kind.

PHILOSOPHY: At CSC we indulge our dreams and search for new, provocative involvements of all kinds while nurturing a positive atmosphere for the growth of individuality and the love of life and goth.