We should be thankful that there are series like Wednesday, which is a hit on Netflix, that help the goth youngsters’ tv shows of today feel noticed and valued.

Goth Tv Shows

AltPress has got you covered if you’re seeking to start watching a tv show that’s not only goth but also great for binge-watching all at once. Here is a selection of other goth television shows, ranging from long-running favorites to more recent smash smashes, all of which are well worth viewing and are centered on celebrating various subcultures throughout multiple generations.

Best Popular Goth TV Shows

The American Horror Story series (2011- )

Each season of Ryan Murphy’s horror anthology is jam-packed with gore, fright, imaginative stories inspired by the genre, and characters that have been adopted by the goth community. You are not required to watch each season in the order in which it was broadcast; however, if you are looking for a good ghost story, we recommend that you watch the first season of Murder House. If you are looking for some incredible gothic inspiration, you should watch the third installment of Coven, which is a fan favorite because it is all about witchcraft. Still, throughout the series, there are characters like Twisty the Clown in season 4’s “Freak Show” and Pepper, who appears in both “Asylum” and “Freak Show” from season 2, who are shunned for their physical appearance and personality attributes. These are characters with whom many goths may resonate and sympathize.

Goth Tv Shows

Buffy, the First Slayer of Vampires (1997-2003)

Both the 1990s and the 2000s saw an explosion in the number of comedies and dramas centered on lustful vampires or powerful witches. Although Charmed, Sabrina the Teenage Witch, and The Vampire Diaries were all successful in their own right, they just cannot compare (or even hold a stake to the heart!) to the triumph that was Buffy the Vampire Slayer over the course of seven seasons. At just 16 years old, we see our young protagonist face head-to-head with monsters and demons, all while attempting to find love and figure out how to navigate her way through adolescence. Sarah Michelle Geller stars as a teenage vampire hunter in the show. The gothic community continues to find Buffy to be a cult favorite because of her resilient character and her overall affinity for the supernatural and the unconventional, both of which were hallmarks of the show’s intense plot and engrossing supernatural elements, which made it a staple of the 1990s. Plus Spike? Every alternatively-minded young person’s ideal romantic interest.

Chucky (2021- ) (2021- )

The Child’s Play franchise has been successful in the slasher film genre for 35 years, and this year marks the anniversary of that success. (Who knew that the greatest danger to Ghostface and Jason Voorhees was a bright-eyed doll that was just 2 feet and 4 inches tall and dressed in dungarees?) My friend Don Mancini’s most recent project is a television adaption for the SciFi channel. This time, a vintage Chucky doll is found at a neighborhood yard sale, which completely upends the lives of nuclear families living in a peaceful suburban community. It stars franchise legends such as Jennifer Tilly, and in addition to the bloody rampage that ensues, it gets an update with the addition of touching coming-of-age stories surrounding many of the teenage characters on the show. This is in addition to the fact that it features the murderous rampage that ensues. The voyage taken by Chucky’s offspring, Glenda and Glen, is a noteworthy storyline that is featured in the show (Lachlan Watson). In season 2, Chucky even reveals to Jake, played by Zackary Arthur, the young protagonist, that he has a “genderfluid” kid, prompting Jake to ask him, “And you’re happy with that?” When asked about it, Chucky always responds, “I’m not a monster.” It’s one of those rare horror remakes that actually turned out pretty well.

Daria (1997-2002) (1997-2002)

When one thinks of ideas for goth teen tv shows, it’s possible that the animated series Daria, which is a huge smash on MTV, is not the first thing that comes to mind. But the main character, played by Susie Lewis Lynn and written by Glenn Eichler, perfectly captures the pessimistic attitude of the average goth. She is fed up with the stereotypes of high school and yearns for a real substance that goes beyond the typical stereotypes of what interests society believes teenage girls should be interested in. On the other hand, there are other characters in the program, like her friend Jane or her crush Trent, who rock worn-out clothes, enormous boots, black hair, and piercings that are more clearly tributes to alternative or gothic fashions. Daria’s cynical and sardonic outlook on societal norms and conventional standards is what ties her with the goth community and what will make you accept her into your dark heart in no time. Nevertheless, this is what makes her a member of the goth community.

Ergo Proxy (2006)

This one is for all the punks and cybergoths out there. When it comes to anime, there is a plethora of goth-inspired series to choose from, some of which are quite popular, like Death Note or Black Butler; however, Ergo Proxy is probably an exceedingly undervalued one that is worth seeing, even if just for its gorgeous, futuristic visuals. In this post-apocalyptic alternate universe, sentient robots known as the AutoReivs cause havoc by going on a killing spree after becoming self-aware as a result of being infected by a virus. These robots shatter the long-standing harmony that has existed between humans and sentient robots. Re-l Mayer and her partner at AutoReiv, Iggy, are tasked with investigating a case that quickly escalates into something far more significant than either of them could have anticipated. The washed-out hues and dismal display of lifeless landscapes, coupled with the appearance of the main protagonist Re-L, who flaunts pin-straight hair, barely plucked eyebrows, and navy blue eyeshadow will cause this to become a cult favorite among gothic teenagers.

First Kill (2022)

When it comes to well-known stories about vampires and love, many of the mainstream cult classics fall short in terms of the amount of sapphic love they portray in their stories. With the publication of First Kill in 2021, Netflix satisfied the cravings of its audience for more lesbian romance in the gothic vampire genre, which has been present in the genre on occasion over the course of several decades. The story focuses on Juliette Fairmont, a young vampire played by Sarah Catherine Hook, as she navigates the challenges of inheriting her family’s legacy while falling in love with Calliope Burns, a monster hunter (Imani Lewis). Despite the untimely cancellation of the show by Netflix, which made it a one-season wonder, the romance will get under your skin and make a lasting impression.

Penny Dreadful (2014-2016)

Fear, gothic fiction, and the presence of the dead. Penny Dreadful is a riveting psychological thriller that, in its own singular way, brings some of the most notorious horror legends from the world of literature to life. The show is written by John Logan and executive produced by Sam Mendes. It is set in London during the Victorian era and is wrapped in a complex religious lore that begins when angels betray God, and the angel who leads the rebellion is split into two entities; one is banished to Earth (Dracula, played by Christian Camargo), and the other is banished to Hell. Dracula is portrayed by Christian Camargo (Lucifer). The intriguing aspect of this series is that you will frequently be won over by characters without knowing their genuine identities, which will cause you to toss out whatever preconceived views you may have had about them. The series also features a cast of well-known theatre enthusiasts and award-winning stars. Some of these actors include Billie Piper (Doctor Who, I Hate Suzie), who plays Lily Frankenstein; Eva Green (Dark Shadows, James Bond: Casino Royale) as the unsung heroine Vanessa Ives; Danny Sapani (The Crown, Black Panther) as the mysterious Sembene; Patti LuPone, Simon Russell Beale, and many others.

Ruby Gloom (2006-2008)

Listen, Ruby Gloom is a charming animated comedy on Cartoon Network about a hodgepodge bunch of outcasts and the exciting adventures they get into. It doesn’t matter what age you are; you’re bound to enjoy watching it. Ruby Gloom has established herself as a firm favorite figure among goths of all ages. Whereas some may have looked up to Barbie or Bratz as a role models, Ruby Gloom is very similar to the illustrated fictional character Emily the Weird. Gloom, who is always upbeat and positive, resides in a gothic mansion with her pals Skull Boy, Iris, Misery, Frank and Len, Poe, Boo Boo, and Doom Kitty. Together, they travel the world in search of interesting and unusual phenomena. Doom Kitty is Gloom’s pet. Ruby Gloom would continue to be an inspiration to goths much beyond the years when they were young, thanks to her characteristic red hair, striped tights, and loving sidekick DoomKitty.

Blood of the Trinity (2005)

Trinity Blood is yet another anime that takes visual cues from gothic music and art. Fans of romantic goth and steampunk will grow to adore this series, which is set in a futuristic world where vampires and humans balance on an uncertain truce, and one priest fights to secure unity for all. This is in contrast to the hyperrealistic future depicted in Ergo Proxy. There is a strong emphasis placed on topics relating to death, lust, and religion, and there is a large amount of architecture and apparel that pays respect to the Victorian era, which was the time period during which the goth movement first emerged.

The Show With Vampira (1954-1955)

Goths have always been a part of popular culture, even though they prefer to remain in the shadows. For instance, in the 1950s, the character of Vampira was extremely popular among adolescents who, at the time, were eager to ditch their swing skirts and sock hops in favor of long black gowns and spending the night in a graveyard. Her crisp elongated nails, eerie silhouette, hair as dark as night, and characteristic scream have made her a much-watch for goth youths who also have a penchant for everything vintage. Maila Nurmi’s gorgeous ghoul has remained a fixture within the goth community for many years to come.

Wednesday (2022- ) (2022- )

After its release in the latter half of 2021, the most current Addams Family spin-off produced by Netflix has utterly taken over the internet. Jenna Ortega plays our wonderfully deadpan protagonist Wednesday Addams, who leaves the Addams’ home to explore life as a teenager in school for the magically inclined. This idea came from the thoughts of Tim Burton, who also directed the film. This series is kooky and spooky, and it includes a kitschier vision of the gothic style. Yet, it is certain to hook you in with its mysterious cast of characters and an intriguing murder investigation at the core of the series. The Chicago Suicide Club is another breathtaking place that you should visit during the weekend.


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