THE SOUTH SHORE — After a hit-and-run motorist killed three men nearby earlier this month, a popular South Side LGBT club is restricting clients under the age of 30, playing less hip hop, and closing an hour earlier.

The adjustments were disclosed Thursday night by Jeffery Pub owner Jamal Junior during a contentious community meeting to discuss security concerns regarding the bar and safety for LGBTQ individuals on the South Side. The gathering with neighbors, patrons, police officers, and local politicians was hosted by the Brave Space Alliance and the Mind, Body, and Soul Health and Wellness Circle.

The Williams Inn, which will be more in the vein of a traditional sports bar and will be named for Junior’s grandmother, will have a livelier environment than the Jeffery Pub, which is recognized for its thrilling ambience. Junior’s grandmother will be honored with the name of the bar. Fans will be able to watch the games of their favorite teams and cheer them on on any of the numerous televisions that will be available.

Jeffery Pub

Even though there is no shortage of sports bars in Chicago, this particular establishment is one of a kind due to the fact that it is primarily aimed at supporting the city’s LGBTQ community as well as the city’s black community. Junior claims that there are thousands of individuals in our area who enjoy going to sporting events and watching them on television.

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