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Goth Bar & Clubs in Orlando

Manikin’s Lounge

Goth Night is Friday Nights

The Manikin Lounge is a Gothic venue located in Sanford FL (not quite a goth club orlando but closeby!) , specialized in 80’s Goth, Darkwave, Ebm, Industrial, New Wave, Rock, Metal, & more.  Where everyday is halloween and cosplay!  Floridas best Haunted night spot -Fri-Goth/Alternative -Sat New Wave 80s Video Dance party.

orlando goth nite manakin

manikin lounge

Barbarella Orlando

Orlando’s Longest Running Unforgettable Gothic Night Club (Barbarella)

Barbarella hosts, Memento Mori Goth Nights featuring Industrial, goth, darkwave and more.  Every Second Friday of every month, 10 p.m. free!

Since becoming Orlando’s First ever established night club in 1984, Barbarella has always been a pinnacle of downtown nightlife and social experience. Whether you’re a seasoned club enthusiast or just looking for a fun, memorable night out, Barbarella is the spot for you. After you experience a night in our club, you’ll understand what makes it special. Multilevel live music venue offering themed nights, 2 dance floors, outdoor seating & multiple bars.  Barbarella goth club orlando.

Cocktails & Screams

A One-of-a-Kind Alternative Performance Experience That Brings
Halloween To Life Every night.

Welcome to Cocktails and Screams (goth club orlando), an electrifying bar experience in the heart of Orlando! Prepare yourself for a thrilling fusion of spine-tingling excitement and tantalizing libations. As you step into this macabre wonderland, you’ll be enveloped by an atmosphere that is equal parts eerie and enchanting.

Cocktails and Screams is not your ordinary bar; it’s a haven for lovers of the strange and unusual. The clubs decor transports you to a realm where Halloween never ends, with dimly lit corners, vintage horror movie posters, and quirky artifacts that ignite the imagination. From cobweb-laden chandeliers to eerie curiosities adorning the walls, every detail has been meticulously designed to create an immersive and unforgettable experience.

But it’s not just the hauntingly beautiful ambiance that sets Cocktails and Screams apart—it’s their masterful mixology. Behind the bar, a team of talented and charismatic mixologists concoct wickedly delightful libations that will awaken your taste buds.

Gothic clubs like ours help you to Immerse yourself further into the realm of the supernatural by attending one of the bar’s thrilling events and themed nights. From costume parties and live performances, Cocktails and Screams offers a dynamic calendar of events that keeps the energy pulsating through the night. Whether you’re a horror aficionado or simply seeking an otherworldly experience, you’ll find yourself captivated by the entertainment on offer.

Will's Pub

Goth Bars Orlando

Of The Darkness weekly goth night at Lil’ Indie’s! Every Thursday from 10PM-2AM we’ll be spinning goth, darkwave, shoegaze, post-punk, deathrock, and more of course. 21+, No cover, rotating DJ’s every week!  28 years and counting of bands, booze, & babes.  FANGBANG – a Vampire Clubs v. Lycanthrope pansexual makeout party and Mills50’s ONLY alternative brutal drag show devoid of pop music for the true goth orlando at Will’s Pub!
Presented by La Petit Mort and MOX!E a goth club orlando. 

The Crow Orlando

Club Scene Orlando, fl

Supposedly the crow is supposed to have a good goth night and be a goth nightclub, but lately I haven’t seen it.  Just party and goth hot chicks bartending.  Google believes it is a goth club orlando, maybe I’m missing something lol.

Looking for Goth clubs in Orlando Florida? How about Vampire Nightlife?

Goth Orlando

TRUTH: Fashion is the most important thing in the world.

MOTTO: Look good, talk less.

LEGEND: Silk-screened, distressed, mistreated, thin and tight. Best proudly worn when misbehaving with friends and photographed by professionals, our goth garments are perfect to wear when you stay out all night.

FAME: We’re famous.  Find our fashion in a goth club orlando.

ACTION: Visit our store in a goth club orlando, buy all you want, and become a CSC Orlando member. Join us on the site, at our events, and in the pursuit of the best fun there is.

TRUTH: You have friends here.

MOTTO: Make out, break down.

LEGEND: Speak freely, find new people to love, get invited to amazing places and events, meet bands you adore, participate in new clothing designs, win contests, post and view photos, email privately, blog, comment, comment, comment.

TEXTURE: The CSC goth punk community is one of a kind. It is a sanctuary for those artistic leaning individuals who choose to pursue and enjoy the most interesting parts of life without regard for the norms and “supposed to” attitudes of the establishment. Our goth club orlando community celebrates the virtues of independence, art, ambition, courage and integrity. Meet some of our CSC Members such as Clash, Chrissy, Sarah, ladyd,  Scottie, Jason Ash, Sparxxx, goth club orlando, Leyla, RobbiStyle, Matt Reeves, Paulin, Princess Caroline, wrylab, Harbinger Crow, jet set, Le Sprite, cabaret, the expendables, echonine, Georgia Voulgaris, TyLiner, Hilary Rawk,  lips r witnesses, Paigeamazing, NealTse, Blake, Bennis, Lewis, Autin goths, Jet, Saranella, Amy, goth club orlando, Robinrld, Jimmy-O, Jay from Comasoft, xmacabremonsterx, casey.rae, Retro Rose, BlackandBlueEyes, Nina Savvy , ticktok goth club orlando, Richard Carrico, mmmm, advil, Adam, La Dolce Vita, L Von Vix, Oliver Thomas, Kelly, Westin, caiti fabulous.

ACTION: Join the CSC gothclub community and goth club orlando with any purchase or get invited by a existing CSC  member. For maximum enjoyment, we suggest you buy everything in the store and attend every event.

Gothic Orlando

TRUTH: Suicide: Don’t Do it.

Orlando Florida Goth Events

MOTTO: Misery Loves Company

HISTORY: Established in 2006 (we are in 2022, we are old…) by graduates of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago il, CSC began as a high-end clothier for the ‘edgy’ ‘hip’ ‘dark’ scenesters (goth club orlando) but soon developed into an underground music community. It takes strength to be gentle and kind.

PHILOSOPHY: At CSC we indulge our dreams and search for new, provocative involvements of all kinds while nurturing a positive goth club orlando atmosphere for the growth of individuality and the love of life and goth.