President's Lounge chicago

The President’s Lounge (abbreviated as “PL”) has served customers on the south side of Chicago for over three decades. The PL underwent extensive renovations in 2006, which have garnered many compliments for its newly upgraded furnishings and atmosphere. The President’s Lounge reopened its doors in September 2006, which marked the beginning of an environment that is now commonly referred to as “The Grown and Sexy.”

President's Lounge

The President’s Lounge (PL) is popular among people aged 30 and older. With three full-service bars, each offering an extensive selection of both imported and domestic beers and a wide range of premium liquors. The Public Library is an excellent location to watch athletic events, from boxing to tennis and all sports, thanks to multiple televisions with large screens.

Our schedule for the week consists of the following: Miller Mondays.

This is a great place to listen to good music, have drinks, and mingle with people over 30. Don’t miss a chance to visit Primary Night Club for Great DJ and delicious drinks in Chicago, IL.

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