Underground Lounge in Lakeview is one of the most popular places to go out at night in the city to see live music and to drink because the prices are so affordable. Find out about all of the forthcoming concerts that are planned to take place at Underground Lounge in 2022 and 2023. Underground Lounge plays host to live performances from a diverse range of musical styles.

The Underground Lounge is located in the Links Hall Theater building next to a convenience store and across from a liquor store (which charges suburbanites $10 for Cubs parking) on Newport, less than half a block east of the intersection of Sheffield, Newport, and Clark. Simply look for the green awning to find your destination. After descending the rickety wooden stairs, you’ll likely be asked, “Are you here to see the band?” Cover charges rarely exceed $5, and I’ve often been able to avoid paying because I wasn’t there to see the band. However, after hearing some excellent music there in the past, I now pay the inexpensive cover to see the band perform.

Underground Lounge

The Underground appears to be more like the laundry room in your apartment building, but strangely, it functions quite well. The Underground has a black-painted cement floor and ceiling, and the stage is a cement vault. The newly enclosed pool room with a table that leans to the left is adjacent to the vault. The pool room also features a poster for a Madness concert and the same poster of a monkey drinking alcohol that I saw at Kincade’s. There are several tables and chairs in the main room, as well as a massive, “L”-shaped, comfortable sofa. The sound engineer is shielded from the crowd by more glass blocks as he lounges on the stairs next to the widescreen SignCast TV (typically found in tacky bars such as the Gin Mill). If you dislike the band or are bored between sets, feel free to play Golden Tee or Centipede machines. The bar offers an extensive selection of draft beers for $2 on Thursdays, as well as $3 martinis on Mondays. The Underground has two one-seat restrooms, one for men and one for women. The men’s restroom has a urinal and a toilet, but is frequently locked when only one person is present (just like at Ivan’s). When bands are not performing, the Lounge’s glass-block-encrusted booth behind the sofa is occupied by a DJ.

You can look through the list of forthcoming concerts, and if you can’t locate your favorite performer on it, you can track them on Song kick and let it inform you when they will be performing in your region again. It’ll be a memorable day if you visit Progress Bar Chicago. You can also visit Chicago Suicide Club if you’re situated in Lakeview.

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